$2.00 of Every Order is Donated to the Ewaso Lions in Kenya Through Wildlife Conservation Network

Collection: How You 'Double' The $2.00 Donation To $4.00!

We think we have come up with a really great idea that could work for you, the lions and lion-jewelry-boutique.com. We are offering a way to double the $2.00 for every order to $4.00 for the 'Ewaso Lions.' Needless to say, it would create quite a 'ROAR' in Kenya!
So, what's in it for you, anyway?
1.) You can actively show your support for the lions in a 'fun and fashionable' way. Your message under our adorable, eye catching 'Leroy' will be missed by few and keep the important message out there, wherever you go!
2.) You can trigger the doubling of the $2.00 donation to $4.00 in the process of keeping the important message out there -- everyone who sees you!
3.) Hey -- it's also really darn cute!
So, if you haven't guessed where we are going with this by now, click here to see the adorable 'Leroy' T-shirt that will serve to achieve all of the above if you like it. It will cost just $14.99 with FREE 'USPS' Shipping!  and we'll send another $2.00 to the lions. Or, if you just want the 'Leroy' shirt without ordering any of our amazing jewelry, you will still be sending $2.00 to the lions!'
I told You It Was A Good Idea!
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